How to improve your photo taking skills

This course is intended to expand your imagination, suggest some techniques which you may have overlooked, in order to improve the artistic and aesthetic values of your photographs so that you can develop your own style. The curriculum includes composition, the combination of varying lights, background, and subject(s), the selection of angles, and the creation of an appropriate ambience, etc.Students may re-take any missing lesson in next cycle.

影相從來憑感覺的你, 可有想過, 只須加些少技巧, 突破舊有框框, 效果会奪眶而出, 與別不同. 這課程旨在擴闊你的思維, 提供一些你忽略了的技巧, 包括構圖的取捨, 用光的變化, 背景與主體的配合, 角度的選擇, 氣氛的營造等, 從而提高照片的藝術性, 可觀性. 拍出有你個人風格的照片……..

這課程介紹多種不同風光及人物的拍攝手法. 有些是你從來沒想過的, 令你大開眼界. 課程以大量現場實習為主,若未能出席某些課堂, 可於日後補回.

Everything you want to know about photography……..